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Smart Home System

Streda™ combines a universal cable backbone for power and data, standardized wall docks and a variety of snap-in modules with functions like power socket, switch or Wifi access point, to create a home infrastructure that can flexibly be configured, and easily be modified to fit changing circumstances.

At Streda™ it is all about Simplicity, Flexibility and Integration. For example, one of the key features of the system is the ability to freely and easily exchange snap-ins. This can be done in a simple and flexible way because the system isfully integrated.

Art Direction
Graphic Design, Motion
Editorial Design
Research & Analysis
Visual Identity System
Visual Language:

The main and most recognizable elements of the Streda™ visual identity are dynamic waves. They relate to the flow of energy and information as well as the key values of Streda™.

The choice of color always depends on the context, purpose and situation in which this element is to be used. However, the default colors should be Neon Green + Light Grey.

When constructing waves in order to obtain the appropriate diversity and dynamics, a great deal of freedom was left. It is important, however, to maintain the appropriate proportions, thickness of lines and the rules of creating gradients.


We chose an abstract symbol that still speaks to the viewer, that has a meaning and arouses associations. The logo had to be simple but memorable. Modern, simple and direct. The modernist symbol refers to the essential and most important values of the Streda™​​​​​​​ brand. These are flexibility, integration and simplicity. Bent in the shape of the letter „S”, lines flowing through the circular form symbolize the effortless and efficient flow of data and energy.

Engelbert van Pelt

Project manager for Streda

The cooperation with Michal in our visual identity design project has been both very pleasant and effective. Michal takes initiative to bring structure in the activities and combines his structured approach with a lot of creativity.

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