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Passiflora Films
Production house

Passiflora Films is a creative production company based out of Warsaw, with over 10 years of production experience in the Polish and Worldwide markets.

The Passiflora Films symbol was developed as a result of simplification of the letters 'P' and 'F'. The letters are reflected in basic figures such as the triangle and the circle. The whole sign simultaneously discreetly refers to the shape of the camera.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Visual Identity System
Visual language:

Elements of the symbol have been used in the patterns and are more widely used across the whole visual identity system.

Patterns also fulfill the function of a modular grid, in which elements such as a logo, logotype or promotional slogans are placed in various arrangements.

The logotype was made with a Helvetica Neue typeface, in order not to produce any additional, undesirable associations with the name. The company's recognition and character are to be built through the entire system, the sum of the elements; logo, complementary marks, colors and layout.

Michał Markiewicz - Art Direction, Graphic Design;
Axela Frank - Stationery Photoshoot.

Piotr Sójka

Founder & Executive Producer at Passiflora Films

From the first moment, we knew that cooperation with Michał was a good choice. His work ethic, duty, diligence and fresh look at how our visual, identity should look have resulted in a great project that has not only been well received in our industry, but was also nominated for STGU Project of the Year 2019 for which we, thank you once again. I have no doubt that the work provided by Michał is absolutely at the highest world-class level!

Latest work