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INCO Architekci

INCO Architects is a Gliwice-based studio that has been operating for over 20 years, specializing in the comprehensive implementation of architectural and construction projects.

They are responsible not only for the creation of concepts and projects, but also all the work which is related to its implementation.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Visual Identity System
Web Design
Visual language:

The brief contained concepts and phrases such as simplicity in thinking, clarity, minimalism and architect as a universal creator. Therefore, the main goal has been to design an visual identity that will not put itself in the center of attention, but will become the appropriate background and will emphasize the nature of the studio, and its approach to architecture.

Michał Markiewicz - Art Direction, Graphic Design;
Axela Frank - Stationery Shotoshoot.

Artur Frączek

INCO Architects

So far, I have had the pleasure of working with Michał twice. Michał is a man with great knowledge and passion, he has a lot of interesting ideas, which makes both design processes reliable and professional. His ideas have a rare depth and are based on thorough research. Thanks to this, we managed to achieve very interesting effects that are very suitable for practical use and are convincing for customers.
Thanks Michał for your cooperation.

Latest work